Peace Signs

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yesterday turned out to be a "down day", which means no actual work was done but lots of planning and prepping for the next wave to come.

I don't have any WIP photos of mosaics or dot paintings but I do have the newest Vintage item to share from

This is called "two salts" according to my Dad. I think it's pretty cool, whatever it's called. Apparently the two glass containers were filled with salt and placed on the sideboard or side table next to the dining table. Then each container and it's spoon went on each end of the dining table so all guests could have access to the salt if they needed it. Makes sense to me!

I should be finishing the candle holder soon (maybe today) and will share photos, of course, when I do. Up next in the studio is a 12 inch framed mosaic headed towards an All Artist Salon in Cape Cod in July. I've yet to start it because I'm waiting for the frame to arrive. Once it does, I make sure it fits the Wediboard, mark off what areas I will work on and then draw a "sort of" design on the board. I will share more on that as I work on it. If you live near the Cape Cod area you may be interested in this event.

And in there somewhere I'll be working on the custom ordered gazing ball, metal tins and taking photos of the vintage items and pendants that now have suede cords to go with some of them. In other words, it is becoming a busy time in the studio once again! Yay!!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics