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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

Now that I'm in my new space, I'm just starting to figure out where I want a table to go so I can work on new mosaics and other fun things. I surprised myself ... I needed a little time to adjust to the new space but am now ready to get to the fun part of decorating and getting organized. The best place to be to work or for a table to go is closest to the windows which is possible to achieve. It's on the dark side up here in this room as it was once an attic space a long time ago. There is an overhead light right in this area which can come in handy when I'm working if I need the extra light over the table.

Where these boxes are now is where a folding table will be hopefully within the next few weeks.

I still need to purchase a task light for the table (I see some late nights working in my future), some containers and shelving to hold things in as well instead of all these boxes everywhere. But the good news is, I have time, patience and a little money coming in each month. I believe I'll get myself organized and all decorated as I see it by the end of the summer. Just in time for the start of working on mosaics for the holidays.

It's very hot up here these days, so I've added a curtain or two and an awesome looking fan to my ever growing list of needs/wants. I can see there will be times when I will just sort of veg out with the cat and wait for the sun to pass on through. I'm okay with that! That's a great time to allow the muse to recharge.

My cat, Baby, has found the best spot when the a/c is on to get cooled off. I've got the yoga mat down as a temporary rug and she goes to this spot near her pillow next to the mat to relax and get cool. Smart kitty!!

I was moving boxes around the other day and heard from the iPod that wonderful, unmistakable "cha-ching" meaning I had a sale on Etsy! That's pretty cool and very exciting!

No matter how long I've been selling online, it's always thrilling to make a sale! And I really love to hear that cash register sound!! Woohoo! I'm so very grateful to the folks who find and love my mosaics enough to want to purchase them. I'm feeling very blessed!!

I don't have much planned other than getting this new space organized and ready for future mosaic magic.

I'm just about ready to ship out the reward gifts for the people who donated to my fundraiser. All 3 will be heading out in June.

The kind soul who gets this plate donated after seeing my fundraising info on my daughter's FB page. Her favorite color is pink! I just happened to have a pink plate to send her. Yay!

This 8 x 10 inch mosaic wall hanging will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first piece I made after a long absence from mosaics. I still see flaws and wish I'd had done a few things differently but for the most part, I'm thrilled to send it on its way to its new home very soon.

I had fun making this abstract. I didn't think I had much tesserae available but as luck and good vibes would have it, about the time I was wondering if I'd ever get it made, a good friend sent me a box of goodies for me to use in mosaics. Some of those things are in this 8 x 10 inch mosaic wall art.

I can't wait to get to work once more in my new space! Hopefully very soon I'll have everything the way I see it and will be in the swing of things once more.

I will definitely share here as I go, showing the process of getting things out of boxes and in a more permanent setting. And you'll see how I've decorated the space once I've gotten it all done in the months to come.

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Stay peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Monday, May 22, 2017

Let's Go Shopping!

I'm so excited to announce I've added a few new items in my Etsy shop over the weekend!

Small pieces of art and some fairly impressive pieces of mosaic art as well are being showcased today.

Star Mosaic Wall Art - 4.5 inches

Wine Bottle Glass Mosaic Candle Holder - 3 inches

Mosaic Switch Plate and Outlet Cover Set

Lotus Mosaic Wall Art - 8 x 10 inches
Click on the links above to take you directly to each item in my shop. Have fun!

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Stay peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Friday, May 19, 2017

In The Studio - Friday

I did some grouting this week, sitting outside on the deck. Enjoying the sounds of birds and although it was a bit windy, it was a beautiful day. Well worth the occasional gusts of wind moving things around.

Star wall hanging and switch plate cover/outlet set ready for white grout.

Earth tones abstract wall art (rewards gift) and a 3 inch candle holder ready for light brown grout.

All of the mosaics had only a first wipe down when I took these photos. All have been cleaned much more thoroughly now.

The star wall art, candle holder and switch plate cover set will be listed on Etsy next week.

I have one more thing to grout before the pile is empty and I can start filling it up once more!

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Stay peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

The kitty and I have moved to another room within the house and are settling in slowly but surely. My sciatica had been giving me a lot of trouble, although I did very little during the move. Until I feel a little more "sturdy", I'm not doing much organizing just yet. But I AM planning how I'll decorate, where the work table will go, how many containers I need and new supplies are necessary to get the muse back to her happiest place of all time: creating mosaic magic!

Hummer and Groovy Flowers looks pretty awesome hanging in this window.

I got myself an IKEA floor lamp recently. The shade is made of paper! How awesome is that?!

Not really focused but conveys enough to share anyway as Baby my sweet kitty looks on. That is my coffee station surrounded by lights and a small dorm fridge/freezer. Since this photo, I've added some mosaics on the pegs and around the mugs. I'll do my best to get a better photo and share it soon. :)

I am fortunate enough to have some beautiful scenery to work around and am using the deck when weather allows to grout what needs to be grouted this week. I'm sharing a photo of the view from my window which is where I'll be sitting when I do get a work table. Lots of inspiration here!

Room with a fantastic view!

Here is a photo of all that's waiting in the "to be grouted" pile.

Small candle holder, switch plate covers, star wall art and lotus wall art will all head to Etsy this month. The abstract wall art is a reward gift going to someone who donated money for my fundraiser last year. (NOTE: ONE more payment to make and the debt is completely paid!)

The next post will have some great photos from the deck as I grout the above (weather permitting). Exciting stuff!

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Stay peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Monday, May 15, 2017

Let's Go Shopping!

It's the day after Mother's Day and we're still reeling from all the love and appreciation we've received this past week from family, friends and customers. I'm feeling especially blessed and very grateful today.

A milestone for our Etsy shop: we made a sale last week! It's the first sale since re-opening our Etsy shop on the first day of Spring. Here's what is being lovingly wrapped up and sent on its way very soon.

Mosaic Wall Hanging, Mosaic Wall Art, Starfish

Sharing the spotlight today are 3 items from my shop.

This is one gorgeous mosaic bowl with a decorative flower in stained glass and gold mirror in the bottom surrounded by gold ball chain. Rows of beautiful hand cut green stained glass and gold mirror wrap around the inside to the very top. This bowl is absolutely beautiful. The outside of the bowl is a soft yellow color. I call this color "Green Apple". --- $50.00 USD

Mosaic Bowl, Stained Glass, Mirror, Green, Gold, Green Apple, For The Home, Mosaic Stained Glass, Great Gift, Centerpiece - 5.5 x 3.5 Inches

A plain, boring mirrored candle holder and/or trivet is now a piece of original mosaic art! A simple design in waves of stained glass in orange, amber, yellow and red weave throughout this 6-1/2 inch trivet. Felt pads on the bottom to protect your table or other surfaces.

The reflective qualities in this are outstanding. You can see from the photos the way the triangles are shown throughout the mirror underneath the glass. In bright light you have an amazing light show! --- $38.25 USD

Mosaic Stained Glass, Trivet, Candle Holder, Octagon, Mosaic Mirror, Earth Tones, For The Home, Gift Idea, Amber, Light Brown - 6.5 Inches

I really enjoy putting mosaics on switch plate covers.

Suns are the most fun! I love to mosaic them and putting one on this double switch plate cover not only brightens up the room but adds art in an unexpected place.

This one has wonderful stained glass in bright orange with a light amber background and mirror outlining the sun.

It would fit in well in a child's room, a guest room, be given as a gift or keep it as a special treat for yourself. New home owners or apartment dwellers would love this! --- $23.50 USD

Mosaic Switch Plate Cover, Sun, Stained Glass, Mirror, Small Art, Mosaic Sun, Bohemian, Hippie, For The Home, Standard Double Toggle

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Stay peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's Go Shopping!

This week, I'm featuring a few items from my shop that would make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day or for any special occasion.

Stained Glass Mosaic Vase - $45.00

I've reduced the prices 15-25% on almost all items since this is a busy time of year for so many people. Mother's Day, Graduations, Anniversaries, Weddings, Father's Day and Birthday's too! Always handmade by me, each item is slightly different even if I make 2 of them.

Mosaic Peace Sign Made To Order - $95.00

Custom made items take about three weeks to a month to create so make sure you order in plenty of time.

Mosaic Bowl Stained Glass and Tiles - $50.00

There are more great items for gift giving someone special or yourself. Remember to ask about custom orders. I do offer more than you see in my shop. And there are more mosaics headed into the shop throughout May so stop by often to see what's new!

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Stay peaceful.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics