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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In The Studio - Part 1

I know some of you must be tired of visiting the mosaic birdhouse, but I must say I'm loving each phase of this one. I purposely made all 4 walls different to a certain degree so that no matter how it was turned, it would have a separate piece of art on it. They connect together because they are all of moons and suns, but if just one side is visible, it stands up for itself as a separate piece of mosaic art.

I've grouted the walls over the weekend and I am still very much in love with it.

taupe grout blends in nicely with the broken china used
1st wall
2nd wall
3rd wall
4th wall
Once it is completely grouted and the areas left exposed are painted, I want to take it outside and get some decent photos of it in natural light.

The baby gift has been worked on.

I'm also covering the back and sides with broken china, then all will be grouted. Yay!

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Stay peaceful,