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Monday, October 27, 2014

Promo Blast!

MEK the Dancing Kangaroo - Abstract Contemporary Mosaic Wall Art
Available - Contact me for price and shipping info
This 9 x 9 inch contemporary abstract mosaic I have dubbed "MEK" has colors in range from green to pink, blue to red; there's some yellow, orange and purple in there too. Iridescent glass, rippled glass, recycled silver mirror (something I like to use as often as I can) all placed together and grouted. Mosaic was glued into a wooden frame that I painted black. Not for outdoor use. Sealed, signed and ready to hang.

Once completed, I thought it looked like a kangaroo dressed up like a ballerina dancing down the street. Twirling in a big flowing skirt. I liked that thought because it meant that even though I was dealing with a lot of upheaval in my life at the time I created this piece, I could still dance and twirl happily down the street - albeit through my mosaic art - but I'm still dancing!

Contemporary art is universal and has a wide appeal for that reason. I personally love creating abstracts because I have a freedom like no other when I do them. At a time in my life when I was feeling restricted, this small piece of mosaic art gave me freedom. It is a personal choice to have no boundaries when I make mosaics. Staying within the lines isn't an issue if there are no lines!

Abstract Contemporary Mosaic Wall ArtAvailable - Contact me for price and shipping info

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