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Friday, October 31, 2014

In The Studio - Part 2

Happy Halloween!! There's much excitement in our house ... the little ones are counting the hours until they can dress up in their costumes, all pile into their other grandmother's van and her neighborhood to get lots and lots of candy!! Woo-hoo!

This Nana will stay home enjoying the quiet and work on something creative. I'm okay with this; not joining them is sad but I'm also relieved. The long walks around many blocks to get to as many houses as possible isn't as much fun as they used to be when I took my girls trick-or-treating. Staying home and getting some quiet time is not really all that bad.

It's interesting to note that no matter how many years of mosaic work I've got under my belt, I still make mistakes. Mostly the mistake(s) can be fixed but this kind of thing definitely keeps me humble. It's actually nice to continue to learn but once in a while I need a refresher course on things I knew and apparently forgot.

I put a small MDF cross on top of a larger MDF cross and decided I'd paint the small one and sprinkle glitter on it, then mosaic it with tempered glass. I do this technique often and rarely have trouble with it. However, this time, I used a silicone adhesive so drying time wasn't as long as the PVA glue needs. My mistake, which is quite clear in the photos below was not smoothing out the silicone before applying the tempered glass, leaving big chunks of glue between the tg. It also became quite clear that although the glue dried well, because it was thick in some spots and not in others, the grouting process would not work.

The larger MDF cross has blue and white broken china on it and the sides of both crosses and back of the large one are painted blue. I do like this a lot and wanted to fix my mistake so I could sell or gift it.

Luckily, it was easy to take the tg off which should be a clue as to how wrong the application of glue was. It shouldn't have been easy, but I'm glad it was!

I cleaned all the glue off using a scraping tool and a little vinegar. Next step is to add the adhesive again, SPREAD IT AROUND, and then add the tg once more. Lesson learned ... until next time ...

Muuuuuch better ... another one for the "to be grouted" pile - woo-hoo!

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