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Monday, October 13, 2014

Promo Blast!

I've picked a stained glass mosaic that is one of the most recent pieces I've made and will be expiring this month on Etsy. Never fear, this will return for sale at some point on my new website, but in the meantime, should you decide this would be the perfect addition to your home or as a gift, grab it now through Etsy!

Mosaic Candle Holder and/or Vase - $45

Beautiful blue stained glass pieces add such a soft, subtle addition to any room in your home. This stained glass candle holder is gorgeous. Soothing and delightful to look at with the sun shining through or with a candle in it. Day or night, this vase is incredible.

Measures 3-1/2 inches with glass "feet" added to make it possible to place on a tablecloth or other materials used for special occasions.

Wouldn't this make a great one-of-a-kind housewarming or hostess gift? Wouldn't it be great for the office in your home or at the workplace? It holds more than a candle. It could be used for pens, pencils, fresh flowers ... all with a touch of class.

Use it at home with a candle for a romantic feeling in your home. The candle light makes the colors of stained glass glow a brilliant luminosity. Sit it in a sunny spot and watch the blue stained glass come alive! It's gorgeous!!

It would be a wonderful surprise for anyone's birthday, make a special anniversary or retirement gift.

Fits any decor making it a great wedding gift or a wonderful treat for yourself! This is a mosaic that is functional as well as a useful art piece. Votive and tea lights fit easily in this holder.


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