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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In The Studio - Part 1

I'm working on the birdhouse and enjoying it so very much.

wall 2 - complete
I wasn't always a fan of using broken china or dish tiles as some call them. I often call them shards because of how they break when I would try to nip them. As I've been working mostly with stained glass, I thought it was time to "face my fear" as it were and work with dishes again.

wall 3 - ready for the background fill in
An interesting thing happened about the time I finished filling in the 2nd wall. I found myself starting to really enjoy what I was doing; truly enjoying the moments I could nip up old china and broken pottery and turn it into a design on a discarded wooden birdhouse salvaged by my cousin.

wall 3 - finished
This 3rd wall took 2 days to fill in. Partly due to using such small pieces but also because I slowed up the process so I could savor every moment. I was enjoying using broken china! Wow!!

wall 4
Once I've filled in the last wall, I've got the roof to tackle. I considering adding more mosaic to the bottom platform, underneath so that it's all completely covered, but I think I'll go back to my original plan to paint it and the chimney too.

Part 2 will show the results of this pretty birdhouse filled with moons and suns completed and ready for grout. Come back to see it finished next week!

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