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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

I came across some photos from 2008, when my Grandson was 1 year old and I had long, not yet completely grey hair! Wow!!

Little Dude's 1st Birthday Celebration
He's so cute in his little sweater vest
Of course I had to look around for some mosaics too from the same year. I think I've improved a tad since 2008. But I have to say, I'm proud of what I taught myself along the way. I had the basics down at this point but was still learning how to use the tesserae.

I picked photos showing my first experiences using microwave plates. To this day, I LOVE to use them to create mosaics with. Taking the discarded item, no longer useful as is, and creating art with it is my most favorite thing.

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Stay peaceful,