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Monday, October 13, 2014

Blogger Had The Hiccups on Monday, October 13th

For those who received 2 posts on Monday, one of the scheduled "Promo Blast!" and one unscheduled "In The Studio - Part 1" possibly partially completed, disregard the 2nd post. It should have stayed in draft, however, blogger published it all on it's own! I watched it happen ... amazed that it did what I saw it do ... in horror. ^_^

I write all my blog posts ahead of time so I'm not feeling pressured on the day the post is due. This morning I had a few minutes to add pictures and work on Wednesday's "In The Studio - Part 1" post. I did notice the photos were loading oddly (wrong size, not being placed in the blog after selection, etc) and should have left the site at that point, however, I pushed on and it publishing before it was ready for it was the results.

Look for Wednesday's post to be posted in it's entirety on the right day.

Meanwhile, because blogger's site has the hiccups, this means I have more time to do other non-computer related things today. Woo-hoo!

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Stay peaceful,