Peace Signs

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In The Studio - Part 1

I took the Suns and Moons Birdhouse out for a walk over the weekend and got some really fantastic photographs. My favorite is the "HOME" side against the tree.

Each side is completely different than the next so that no matter which way it is turned, nothing is lost. I added a peace sign charm to the chimney as a finishing touch.

This stands 23 inches high. The front and back are 6 inches wide and the sides are 4.5 inches wide. Done completely in pique assiette on wood. This mosaic piece of art is available for purchase. Contact me for pricing and shipping info.

I don't know if many missed me last week, but I lost my internet connection on October 17th, Friday morning and didn't get connected again until late Thursday afternoon on October 23rd. The forced break was put to good use. I primed a LOT of pieces of wood and MDF so that when the muse is ready to get creative, I don't have to slow her down with prep work, it's finished!

This is one of 3 similar piles ... the trouble is figuring out where to start!
But I also ended up with a bad stomach virus which laid me flat for close to 6 days. If there is ever a good time to have no distractions, that week was a good one for me.

In the time I was away, I made some decisions about my future adventures with my mosaics and photography business. Taking time to create is becoming more important to me than doing the business end. I know promoting is necessary and I'll still share my adventures on my blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ as usual. Nothing much will change except how I sell my mosaics.

My photography can be seen on and and I'll promote those a little more as time goes on. I have a Facebook Page dedicated to photography - if you give it a "like" and set up for notifications, you won't miss the latest news.

Work began on a small mosaic wall art from one of the piles shown above. This cool peace mug is coming along fairly well.

In the "to be grouted" pile :)
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Stay peaceful,