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Monday, June 25, 2018

Mosaic Monday From The Studio

Greetings and Happy Summer!! It's been a little over a month since I've added a post; I've decided it might be a good idea to post once a week or even twice a month during the busy times. That would be now!

I've listed quite a few new mosaics on Etsy. Here's a glimpse of a few items. Hop on over to my shop to see more!

Peace Sign Mosaic
Cat Mosaic Wall Hanging

Abstract Flower Wall Art

At the work table, the magic continues to flow. I think my favorite project was the wine bottle turned into a groovy cat. The work-in-progress are the first 4 photos.

The 5th photo, of the lotus flower, shows the review I received on Etsy about it. I'm over the moon thrilled with her reaction to it. I actually got to give it to her in person, a first for me! I've sold mosaics on Etsy for years and this was the first time someone local or nearby found my art first, then discovered we were not only in the same state, but about 45 minutes away in distance. She stopped by on Father's Day on the way towards an event she was doing with her Dad and picked it up. And, as you can see by the review, loved it!

Number six in the collage shows the ever growing pile to be grouted! I've added two more to it since that photo, as shown in photos 7 and 8.

I'm going to be working on a scrap glass candle holder mosaic next. Then I'll get to the messy grouting party I'm going to have getting everything done, photographed and listed. Once each are done and ready for their close-ups, I'll share here and on my Facebook Page.

Have a great week and remember to enjoy the moments!

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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

From The Studio - Wednesday

I'm just about 100% better from the bug I had that led to a sinus infection (blah) that started a month ago. The great news is that while I was recuperating, my brain thought of some new things to make at the mosaics table!

This was a wall sconce. I have another one exactly like it, but wanted to make it something unique and unusual. Give it a new purpose. The lighting was horrid yesterday when I took these photos, so bear with me. I promise better photos soon if the sun comes through the rainy clouds.

A lot of pretty colorful mirror was added on the front and sides. This little elephant was part of a set of salt & pepper shakers with a huge crack at the top. I added a nifty hat (old earring) and propped him up on what used to be a holder for a tapered candle and you've got a fun piece of art. He's not attached to the mosaic yet. This will get grouted first and then I'll glue him in.

Next I worked on a round 6 inch piece of MDF wall art. A simple flower design in a patchwork fashion with gold mirror, glass tiles and stained glass. The white background is actually dish pieces.

This will definitely be grouted in black.

What's waiting at the table now is a small candle holder. I got a small sheet of blue stained glass a while back and wanted to score it into smaller pieces to use on the candle holder. I discovered my pistol grip oil filled glass cutter had a major leak and I couldn't use it. I remembered I had a plain old glass cutter but I've never used it before, so I practiced on clear glass for about 10 minutes and got the knack of how to use it. I did a fairly good job cutting up the pieces of this gorgeous glass!

The chamo background is a large amount of material I've had forever. When I need to cut glass I use it. Many use a towel, old piece of carpet, blanket and the like. This is what I had, so this is what I use!

Here's the color palette I'll use for the candle holder. All blues and blue greens. Yummy.

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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Stained Glass Plate, Trivet, Candle Holder, Mosaic Plate, Mosaic Trivet, For The Home, Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, Birthday

This mosaic stained glass plate is what we call "Red Hot!".

These colors placed together remind me of the leaves on my favorite tree in the autumn season. When the sun shines through this, as in all my mosaic glass-on-glass items, it is incredible. Make this a focal point in your home on a bright sunny shelf in the kitchen. Add it to a gloomy room in your home that could use a bit of spice!

All hand cut glass in red, orange and yellow were placed in this plate. It's been grouted and sealed.

This plate is meant to be shown in sunlight. I used to call these plates sun catchers, but traditionally sun catchers are hung in the window to grab the light. My plates are heavy and hanging is not recommended nor do I craft them for that purpose. They look fantastic sitting in the window in a display dish holder.

Stand included.

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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Stained Glass Candle Holder, Mosaic Vase, Mosaic Star, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Collectible, Glass-on-Glass - 3.5 x 3.4 inches

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Surrounded by beautiful gold glitter and tempered glass or crash glass, this beautiful candle holder sparkles so very brightly in daylight or by candlelight. Perfect to use with a candle as a centerpiece on your table. Winter doesn't have to be dreary if you use this gorgeous candle holder to brighten up any room in your home. Perfect for all seasons!

Those who collect stars are sure to appreciate this candle holder as a fun gift to add to their collection.

Wouldn't this 3-1/2 inch candle holder make a great one-of-a-kind housewarming or hostess gift? Wouldn't it be great for your home office or at the work place? It holds more than a candle. It could be used for pens, pencils, fresh flowers ... all with a touch of class. Use it at home with a candle for a romantic feeling or when, after a long day, you need to relax with some wine and this beautiful star with a candle in it while in the tub. The candle light makes the glitter under the glass glow a brilliant luminosity. Sit it in a sunny spot near a window and watch the sparkle! It's gorgeous!! It would be a wonderful surprise for anyone's birthday, make a special anniversary or retirement gift. Don't forget to gift yourself! You deserve it!

Fits any decor making it a great wedding gift or a wonderful treat for yourself. This is a mosaic that is functional as well as a useful art piece. Votive and tea lights fit easily in this holder.


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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.

Friday, April 20, 2018

From The Studio - Friday

I'd like to share today the story of the gift I made for one of my longest, bestest friends for her birthday.

Meet Cactus Joe.

Joe is my friend's father, who passed away a few years ago and who made birdhouses as a hobby after retirement.

A few months ago, I came across a box filled with cards given to me through the years along with many photos from my sweet friend. These photos were of her life 3,000 miles away. In those days, between 2000-2006, we didn't have a digital footprint and instant photos came from an instant camera that used film. We still had to take it to the drug store to get copies made. The quality of these photos were usually hit or miss. Mostly miss, but they conveyed what we wanted them to, which made them good enough to share.

As I was looking through all the photos ranging from a tiny grandchild to a daughter's wedding, I found a photo of her Dad. In this photo he was under a lean to portion of a porch next to a birdhouse he made. He was standing tall and proud as he posed, showing his creativity after he installed it into a post under the lean to. This was a birdhouse my friend's mother-in-law won in a raffle through his jazz club.

I put the pictures away and put the box once more under my bed. But ... this photo never left my thoughts. It was dark and sort of out-of-focus, but I felt I had to make a mosaic using it as inspiration. Her birthday was coming up and I thought it would make an awesome gift.

I stalled out a bit with it; I needed a frame, I needed the board to work on. I needed to figure out what to use to create the mosaic: dishes or stained glass? While I played with ideas and design thoughts, she had her birthday. I hadn't even begun! Yikes!!

Shortly after that, I ordered a frame and put the photo in front of me and took a few photos of the photo, printed out an enlargement, glued it onto the board and set to work. I prefer to do a free-flowing design when I make mosaics. I seem to start off with good intentions of keeping it all within the lines but almost always the abstract portion of my brain says use color, put a swirl here, use what you have as a starting point and just go! And that's what I did.

Joe was the first thing I did on this mosaic and it was very labor intensive. I pulled tiles off, put them back, pulled them off, tried different ones until I found myself not liking anything I did. I wanted him to look exactly like the Joe in the photo which isn't how I make mosaics. Once I remembered what the muse was telling me: "flow freely", I added his shirt and it started to coming together in my head as a fairly nice looking gentleman, but perhaps not exactly like Joe.

I made the birdhouse next and had to add lots of colors and a fun star toward the top. Next came the tree which quickly turned into a cactus when I decided to paint the background to help me decide on colors to use. I could see no matter what I wanted to do to keep it "exactly" like the photo, it wasn't meant to be. I gave into the muse and went with it.

The bright colors in this mosaic reminded me of the Arizona desert, New Mexico, California. I kept thinking as I was putting down dish tiles, that it was reminiscent of a colorful blanket.

Malachi (my 10 year old grandson), thought the cactus would look cool if it had some "prickers" on it. He picked up small pieces of glass I had laying next to the mosaic, and placed them here and there on the cactus with ease. I thought it looked great but would need to be added after the mosaic was grouted. He's very proud of his contribution and I'm proud that he has an artistic flair.

After grouting, Joe came to life. I called him "Cactus Joe" because it seemed to fit. The cactus that is supposed to be a cypress tree, seemed to fit in with Joe and his birdhouse. Scrabble letters were added to make sure everyone knew who he was. I'm fairly sure if she had looked at it without an explanation, she'd have had no idea what I was trying to create for her!

I included the original photo for her to keep as a reminder and because I felt she should have it. I've kept it safe for 12 years, now she'd have a mosaic inspired by this photo and the original photo as well.

I hope she enjoys this mosaic for many years to come.

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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

From The Studio - Wednesday

I've been working on secret gifts lately so I haven't been able to share much. I am sharing what I've been working on now, which is a birthday gift for my son-in-law but he rarely haunts my news feed on Facebook nor does he read my blog posts, so I'm fairly sure I can share his gift here. On Friday, I'll share the other gift I made because it has been shipped, delivered and well-received.

I'm always looking for great shapes to mosaic on and we always have a bottle or two around here to use. In truth I have 6 empty wine bottles washed out and ready to do things on and have more to use, plus decanters, whiskey bottles and a few other assorted cool looking shapes in bottle form.

My SIL likes whiskey and saved a Four Roses bottle for me last year. I've been pushing it around on the shelf for all that time until it told me it was ready to become a mosaic. His birthday is this month, so that was exactly what I needed to hear.

I used dark purple and chartreuse stained glass, iridescent black glass, silver and green mirror, ball chain and tempered glass.
I put tempered glass over the roses emblem. I considered leaving them exposed but in the end I felt I needed to add glass.

WIP - front

Front - Almost finished

The back is pretty nifty looking too!

Back - Ready for grout

Now it's ready for the grout pile and I think it's awesome. I hope he does too!


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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Flower Power Cat Wall Art, Mosaic Cat, Mosaic Wall Hanging, Groovy, Flower Power, Cat Art, Mosaic Wall Art, Hippie Art, Bohemian Art

Lots of groovy flowers were placed on this cool cat. My hippie heart is content to have created this happy mosaic wall art. Those who collect cat shapes and art, will love, love, LOVE this mosaic!! So much colorful stained glass and neat looking flower buttons plus a ceramic heart have been added to give him or her an added bit of interest. The sides are tiled in dark blue.

Gift to someone special. Save it for yourself! Makes a great birthday present. Cat Mom's would think this is the cat's meow if gifted on Mother's Day. Cat Dad's too! Father's Day is not too far away!

Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement, Housewarming ... this mosaic wall art would be purrrfect for any of these occasions!

Measures 15 x 7 inches

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Stay Peaceful and Let The Sun Shine In.