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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Deep thinking for EMM - Special Blog Post for Tuesday

Deep thinking for EMM today: I'm so out of my element here but have started thinking about the next step for my business.
I love selling online but I would like to take it one step further. I'd like to open a bricks and mortar shop next year in 2017, sharing what I do, making room to do bigger things (like more old windows similar to what I did in my small space a few years ago), having small classes on the weekends to share what I do with others of all ages and experience levels. I'm self-taught and have 10 years experience under my belt. It's time to move forward a bit and expand on what I do.

I thought about looking for investors for years but I don't have a clue what I'm doing and frustrated, I gave up. I also tried for years to write a business plan but as things got more difficult (my brain doesn't work that way), it became less of an issue to do and I gave up after I moved in with my daughter. Now, starting over instead of trying to continue where I left off seems like the best option. And still, I'm out of my element.
I'm sure there is a viable market locally where I live in Pennsylvania for an art work shop and space for people of all ages to come and play with mosaics and other fun things. I've got the dreams but need the backing and that's where I fizzle out. I don't know how to find the help I need. I understand the risk. I understand not many would see my dream as something worth an investment. But I also know there has to be a few people out there wanting to help the arts. Real people with real knowledge on how to make my dreams come true.
I create and love to share what I create with others. I don't know much else other than that I have a strong desire to do it. I see the opportunity to help busy Mom's get an hour of grocery shopping done alone while their kids come and make mosaics with us, I see the same busy Mom's stopping by one night during a busy week for wine and mosaic making and lots of fun. I see an area where I can expand and work on furniture salvaged from the dumpster and other big pieces. I'd get the love of mosaics shown and shared which is the best thing ever! And have the room I need to expand and create would be a real dream, instead of sharing cramped corners with the muse who wants to spread her wings and fly!

I've seen this dream in my head for close to 7 years and haven't yet found the way to go forward. I get stalled out and frustrated. I'd love to have someone be my business voice, a partner who appreciates what I do but handles the parts I'm no good at. Before anyone asks, yes, I did write to a mentor on the SBA site a few years ago when I had mentioned everything above and was told I can't do what I want to do because I have no financial backing, no collateral. Basically this person told me to give up on my dream because she said it wasn't possible. I did listen for about a year and then got physically sick and unable to think about anything other than pain management for a good long time.
I'm coming back around now, back to thinking it's got to be possible, back to the same dream I've had for so many years. I have limited mobility and no longer drive; going to local meet ups to find like minded people probably won't happen unless it is through online. So, I'm thinking there's probably an angel investor or a financial backer just waiting for me to come along. But it seems hard to know what's real and what's not.
Okay ... thank you for reading and wish me luck. I'm hoping I will find what I'm looking for. Any help or advice is always welcome.
Here's an article I read that made me start thinking about all of the above once more.