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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Today I'd like to share the mosaic I made for a silent auction happening in my area locally in April. On March 11th I was sent an email from a Silent Auction Chairperson about donating a piece of art for an upcoming fundraising event. Those who know me, know I LOVE to donate my art to worthy causes. I have gotten scammed twice, that I am aware of, but every other time I've donated art, I've found it to be an enriching experience. Enough so that even though some folks never followed through with their promise to return the art if it doesn't sell for their event, I still love to donate art.

The Gwynedd AMBUCS, here in Pennsylvania is the Gwynedd chapter of the national AMBUCS organization are a national organization dedicated to providing mobility options for individuals with disabilities. The local chapter in particular funds adaptive tricycles for kids and adults with disabilities. The yearly fundraiser is coming up on April 16th at Cedarbrook Country Club, a drinks and dancing event with the fabulous Greaseband. The funds raised at the silent auction help fund bikes for the entire year. The best part is, the chairperson is a pediatric physical therapist. She said she's had the great pleasure of giving away a number of Amtryke adaptive bikes to her young patients and can attest to the absolute joy these kids experience knowing that they now have a bike they can ride outside with their friends and family!

I'm honored she found me and made the request to donate art. And I'll do it again if she asks next time!

This time, I made a mosaic wall art specifically for their event. After chatting with her through email, she expressed her favorite mosaics I've made. One of the things she liked was "A New Horizon", shown below.

This prompted me to start making a smaller version, similar in design. Here is the progress from start to finish.

From A Distance - 8 inch MDF wall art
Stained glass and stones

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