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Monday, March 7, 2016

Promo Blast!

Mid Century Modern Mosaic Wood Wall Hanging, Blue and White - 16 x 7 Inches - $160.00

Blue and white stained glass hand cut to fit a wooden trivet wall hanging made by my father in the 1950's. Mid Century Modern in shape and design. Blue and white flowers in the center. A small piece of rawhide is added to the top for hanging. Grouted in white.

The bottom has 3 hand whittled pegs to keep from hitting the wall when hung and to protect furniture when placed on a table. This can be used to hold a few glasses or a candle or two. Not recommended for food.

We love it as wall art and think it's best hanging in a kitchen or entryway. Perfect gift for newlyweds or newly retired. Measures 16 x 7 Inches.

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