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Friday, April 1, 2016

In The Studio - Friday

The studio is a little less busy now that the donated mosaic is on it's way toward the silent auction in in a few weeks. It was picked up by the very sweet chairperson who asked if she could give me a hug for donating. I never say no to a hug!

I managed to get a few new mosaics listed on both Storenvy and Aftcra. Aftcra has a few items added to it each week that are already in Storenvy plus new things too. Eventually both shops will have the same items. This may seem redundant to most, but sharing on different online shops means different online customers. That's never a bad thing.

This week I was approached by possibly a new customer and a new large custom order who found me through Storenvy. Just like when I had an Etsy shop, people are finding me for their custom order needs. I love that it's starting to happen now that Storenvy has been open for a few years. More on that commission as it develops, if it does. Fingers crossed! The time-frame for it will be closer to late in the summer, so keep checking back to see what's new!

While I was resting yesterday, I did a few odds and ends. It's not uncommon for me to do small touch-ups or finishing touches on days when the muse needs to rest.

These are 2 of the newest small crosses. They are 4 inches and too big to call ornaments but the right size to call them small wall art. Now grouted and have unusual hooks on the back. All I need to do is add a string for hanging.

I used interesting bails on the back; they are from clothes pins. When Little Dude and I made snowflakes by taking apart clothes pins, painting them white and sprinkling them with glitter for holiday gifts 2 years ago, I was left with all the spring-like mechanisms from the pins.



I never throw much away that might be used for some art project in the future and these were no exception. Each pin has a spring in order for the pin to open and close. I ended up with 20+ of these springs and no clue what to do with them but knew I couldn't throw them away. I can always recycle, re-purpose, reuse!

Here, I've used them as a bail gluing them down with resin to make sure they stay put and I'll add a nice piece of twine to each one for hanging.

Being uninspired to start new mosaics isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes I just need to wait for the ideas to come flowing through but that requires patience and lots of down time. However, this plate was sitting next to me and I decided last night I had to finish it up and put it in the "to be grouted" pile of plates I've done so far.

NOW I can rest over the weekend!

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