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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

There's not much activity happening in the studio this week.

I still need to prime a few things, still need to decide what is next to work on. Meanwhile, my head has pretty much been focused on the business things. Reading, writing, making vision boards and all that fun stuff. This takes time and some days (this week anyway) I have found I'm too tired to do much other than nap and think about working on a new mosaic while dreaming.

I did, however, manage to finish up this plate. NOW it's ready for grout. I knew it wasn't quite finished when I shared it last week. I'm happy with it now.

Putting glass around the circles was exactly what it needed. I'm fairly sure I'll use black grout on this when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I don't think I shared the final touches on the Meditation Shrine I made myself recently. What was added was some deep purple acrylic and some white dots on the legs and very bottom of the piece. Then I glued a "third eye" to the inside, angels on either side of the shrine at the feet and a cool bird with the word "inspire" on the back.

back view

front - left side view


"Awareness" has always been hard to see in photos but it is really visible here. Yay!

Old bronze candle holders were glued to each side.

If you need to see more photos of this pretty cool shrine, you can find the whole series of photos from start to finish on my FB Page and/or on my flickr photostream whichever you prefer.

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