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Monday, April 4, 2016

Promo Blast!

I'm so proud to share this mosaic with you all today. It has been a true labor of love. It took years to work on from start to finish and is finally polished up and ready to go!

Mosaic Gazing Ball, Stained Glass, Broken China, Mirror - 15.5 Inches - $150.00

Isn't this mosaic sphere amazing?! It is the biggest one I've ever done and I think it's magnificent.

Groovy flowers filled with broken china also known as pique assiette which describes a style of mosaic that incorporates pieces of broken ceramics - plates, dishes, cups, tiles - and other found objects into the design. I've painted some sections with acrylics and added glitter, then covered it with tempered or crash glass. Mirror, stained glass, glass half circles are here as well. Van Gogh glass, iridescent glass, vintage china, old pieces of mirror, new colored mirror ... almost everything I had went into this one.

It took two long sessions to grout. Hours to clean. It weighs a hefty 8 pounds, 10 ounces.

Using mosaic gazing balls to help you relax and calm you is an old trick of mine. Place it in a sunny spot and allow the sparkle from the mirror and iridescent stained glass toss rays of light around you. Surround yourself with light and beauty. Breath deeply and inhale the calming effect this beautiful sphere brings your way.

It can be placed in a corner of a well-lit room on a pedestal or stand of your choosing (not included). This is not water or weather proof but can be placed in a spot protected from the elements outdoors in inclement weather.

Measures 15.5 inches

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