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Friday, April 22, 2016

A Very Special Request - Friday

Yesterday was a crazy day. It got even crazier when I opened the mail. My daughter turned 31 yesterday (so many mixed emotions --- my first baby!!), the singer Prince passed away and so did Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the WWE wrestler, both left us too soon --- such sad news. And, I got a letter from an attorney stating that I was being sued. I owe the manager for the apt I was evicted from 5 years ago, over $5,000. Wow.

It's a full moon tonight ... I'm covered in emotions and feelings! The 2nd Mercury Retrograde is headed this way next week and I'm positive this one bring with it good things for me. I am sensitive to the moon's cycles and some planetary activity as well, and therefore, this has me in a bit of a tizzy.

All I can do is go with the flow, so here I go ... I'm asking for financial help for the amount I'm being sued for. I know it is my responsibility and I know I need to get it taken care of somehow. Therein lies the rub. The "somehow".

I don't live a "traditional" life, so finding funding in the traditional way seems a little odd. But I knew, if I didn't try, when asked if I had, I'd have to start over anyway. After receiving the letter, I started to try to find the way to pay off this large debt. One of the constant email I get is from creditkarma a great website that keeps tracks of all things like your credit score and who checks it and when. They also let you know by email when good deals on credit cards are available. By contacting a credit card company and apply for one, I need to know if I could qualify anyway and if I don't, why. Seems like a lame idea but I haven't tried for a card in years and my credit score has been rated "fair" for 2 years. If it is approved, I'd be able to pay off some of the debt using it, or a little bit anyway. That's a big IF but it's a possibility. The downside is that with this small claims court debt, if it isn't paid, will mess up my credit one more time which isn't something I'd like to happen if I can help it. Sheesh.

Another traditional move --- I went online to my bank, where I've had an account for years, and asked for an emergency loan. Not having a steady income or collateral makes these kinds of things hard, but I am going to apply for retirement benefits in a few months (I am pretty sure), which means I can pay off a loan over time if they grant it. They suggested I give them a call, and I might, but I am fairly sure they won't think it's a great idea to lend money to someone with no steady income or collateral. But nothing ventured ...

Meanwhile, I've started a gofundme campaign. WHO KNEW I'd do this for a personal debt and not for the dream studio space I want to have in the future? The only good news here is it gave me a chance to learn how to use the site again since it's been a few years. Once I am ready to continue with a campaign for the funding of studio space, I will probably remember how to use it. The site is user-friendly enough although I wasn't paying much attention and put my campaign out "there" for all to see before I was ready. I fixed what I needed to fix and got it "live" in record time, however. Whew. I was a little numb when I started working on the campaign. Sad that I had to do it but so darned grateful I had a place to go to ask for the help I need.

I shared this campaign yesterday on my Facebook page and personal profile. I'm sure I'll be sharing it a lot over the next few months. I reminded myself that I was just having a bad day, I don't have a bad life. I inhaled deeply, meditated and knew I was okay. Obviously my heart can stand a good scare once in a while, so that's good. It pumped vigorously when I read the letter from the attorney. I was able to calm myself with meditation and become more centered (this is a life saving device for me, I highly recommend trying it if you don't already meditate) and I feel great physically at this moment. Good for me!

Within 3 hours of starting the new campaign, I had received a direct PayPal donation and 2 donations on my campaign site. I am blown away by the generous donation from an anonymous person who gave $1,250.  In one day, within a few hours, a little over $1,300 was given. I am feeling truly blessed!

Interestingly enough, I had a dream Tuesday evening about this very situation concerning the debt. I thought to myself in this dream: "I need to figure out a way to pay off this debt so I can move forward with my dreams and goals. I need a fresh start!" I hadn't thought of it for such a long time (close to 2 years) and then had a dream about it. And the next day, got the letter from the attorney. More moon craziness, perhaps. More than likely it is the Universe letting me know if I find a way to pay off this debt, more good things can come my way.

I believe in checks and balances. I know I have to settle this debt so that I can move forward. I believe I have guardian angels protecting me. A few are here on earth! I also believe in giving back, paying it forward and doing good things. I made a few promises to myself this day and won't share them just yet because they are private at the moment (although not much is for me ... I share a lot of personal things), but good things come to those who do good things. I know this to be true.

With the campaign running to get this past debt gone for good, I'll be able to still study, learn, read to keep the dedicated studio workshop alive. I don't know when it'll be born, but it will arrive on time.

I am thinking about having a sale on my websites to get some funding that way too. I haven't sold a mosaic this year yet, so this might help generate a few sales. I'll share that info when I know more.

Meanwhile, all donations are welcome and although I didn't list all the rewards I'll give in return for a donation in the campaign, everyone who donates, no matter how small, will be gifted in some way. I will contact everyone who provides their info once the campaign is finished and the goal met. It's certainly has started off with a bang!!

I'm not sure there is ever a good time to ask for financial help, but if you all could take a minute, read, donate and share this very personal campaign, I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much and enjoy the moments!

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