Peace Signs

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

It's been a little slower than usual this week but I'm still having fun.

A friend recently gave me some glasses (drug store "readers") because they no longer used them and they thought I might need them. At the moment, I'm good with glasses, I've got many pair floating around to help me with my mosaics and computer work. One pair, in particular, were scratched and not the right strength for me in any case. Well, there's nothing much else to do with things like that except to make them into art.

They aren't yet grouted (I'll share a photo of them when they are) but I took these old readers and made them into "sun glasses".

I always say I can never just toss things out without first looking at it and thinking: "would this work as a mosaic?" Almost everything can be turned to a mosaic. That's the best part about mosaics. We can put them everywhere, on everything. And I do my best to follow the rule: recycle, reuse, re-purpose.

I'm working on plates this week. They go quickly and I'm fairly sure the entire collection I had pulled out to work on will be finished in a weeks' time.

Monday evening I worked on Mr. Owl. Isn't he cool? He's resting in the "to be grouted" pile.

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