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Friday, April 29, 2016

Personal Fundraising Campaign Update - Friday

My personal campaign continues. I have to say it's been an awesome week. I am positive this debt will get paid through the donations, my own hard work in ways to sell mosaics as the months continue on and through friends purchasing mosaics through my online shops. Almost all I raise on my own will get donated after I've taken out what I need for supplies to keep the business running and a few personal items like supplements.

One friend bought mosaics from my Storenvy shop this week. Another did a little online shopping and requested I hold a few mosaics for them so they could send a check instead of using the online shopping carts.

I am well supported emotionally and lovingly by many dedicated people and I am honored to be in their tribe.

One frequently returning customer is going to offer something special to those who donate in an FB group they run, in association with my GoFundMe campaign at some point in the future. How amazing is that?!

I've been emailing the lawyer all week and we settled on an arrangement. I have 10 months to pay off the remainder of the debt after sending them $1250, which was the first amazing payment I received in the fundraiser. That means on the first of each month I'll owe a little over $400 for 10 months. It sounds reasonable and even possible.

What I love the most about this situation is how I responded to it. Okay, so, I did panic, I did feel my blood pressure rise. I even felt like crying at one point but I didn't. What I did do, after the initial shock, was go into action-mode and ask for help through the fundraiser, create a discount in one of my online shops to promote sales, and started looking at ways to expand on how I sell my mosaics.

I've changed how I look at the obstacles ahead of me. What a wonderful thing! I'm not afraid or scared. I just find the best solutions.

For instance: I'm looking into finding a volunteer to help me for a day in August. I haven't decided I'm going to do this yet, but there is a local craft fair happening that month. I would love to do a few craft fairs a year. I didn't always feel that way, but now I'm ready. Sort of. I need confidence (personally lost a lot when I lost my teeth --- I used to smile all the time and now I never do --- even embarrassed to talk to someone in person --- it's the first thing people see and they focus on it even if they don't realize it --- I'm very sensitive about that!). I need to show my work in places I haven't before and that means spreading my wings a bit. Getting out of my comfort zone a little bit too. Teeth or no teeth. My dental troubles will get taken care of eventually. Who knows, if I do enough craft shows and get a good profit going, I can go to the dentist! Wouldn't that be awesome?! In the meantime, I've started collecting beautiful scarves for a few reasons: to hide the double-chins and if need be, I can use them to distract from the facial flaws I feel I have. Every time I go out, I wear one. They are a confidence booster and I love that!!

I definitely need a few things before I can do craft shows. A lot goes into doing these. I can get the money gathered to rent space, it isn't as expensive as some are. I can get a table from my Dad to borrow for the day but I would need to rent a tent (way more expensive than the rental for the table). I may need things I don't even know about yet. And can't do any of it without a volunteer or two. I know I can't man a table by myself and mosaics are too heavy to carry around, down and up steps and so on. I don't think I could pick up a table and carry it too far today. I no longer drive, so someone would have to do that too. So much to consider but not impossible. How about that?! I'm leaving my comfort zone and I'm okay!

I'll keep you posted on that adventure once I do more thinking about it. It would be nice to get out and share the love.

If you all could take a minute or two to read the campaign, donate to it if you can and share it if you would, I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much and enjoy the moments!

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!~Cindy, EarthMotherMosaics