Peace Signs

Monday, May 29, 2017

Let's Go Shopping!

One of my favorite mosaics is being featured here today. This is one of the newest listings I have on Etsy.

Star Mosaic Wall Art, Mosaic Wall Hanging, For The Home, Star, Small Mosaic Art, Retirement, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Collectible
$30.00 USD

A bright star in silver mirror with a cool red and silver center focal piece of decorative glass surrounded by red glass that was once a broken vase cover this 4-1/2 inch piece of mosaic wall art. The sides have silver mirror and are grouted. A nifty piece of twine is attached for hanging.

I personally love hanging these kinds of mosaics near a light source. Natural light is the best to get the sun's reflective qualities on the mirror. A light show like no other spread all across walls and ceiling on a bright and beautiful day.

This would work really well in a baby's room, small child's room either boy or girl. If your children share space: bedroom or play area, this would fit right in. Those who collect items made with stars, should love this mosaic wall art. This has a rustic quality to it looks great around a lot of wood as seen in the photos.

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Stay peaceful and Enjoy the Moments.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics