Peace Signs

Monday, June 17, 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and Father's Day events went well for all who were part of them.

We went to a bowling birthday party for a 10 year old on Saturday. They had so much fun!

I enjoyed taking some cool photographs of glow-in-the-dark elements at the bowling alley.

On Sunday, I added the last of the glass to the wall art and immediately disliked it!

Once I saw this photo, I knew I would be taking off all the blue glass I had just spent hours putting on. And so, the process of ripping it off began. What was left, was a little mess of dried glue and chipped paint.

After cleaning off a little bit of the glue, the next step was to paint the sky blue once again.

I'm going to use the same green you can see in these photos and continue on up to the top. I know the placement of color will work well and I will be happy with it once again. The glue that was difficult to remove will now be an added texture under the glass. I have tried on other pieces to rid it of glue residue and found it to be tedious and disappointing. I never get it all cleared off and it bothers me a lot when I can't. I made the decision a long time ago that I wouldn't even attempt to try to remove all adhesives from the substrates I work on if I need to remove tess ... I roll with it. Less stress and adds dimension. Win/win.

My only regret is fighting my instincts as I was placing the blue glass down initially because I kept telling myself I didn't like it and to stop. However I was determined to see what it would look like completed with the blue. As always, the instincts were correct. I couldn't wait to get that beautiful blue stained glass up! It is truly very pretty but just not right for this piece.

I'm still on schedule with my deadline. I always give myself a few extra days just in case things like this happen. Overall, it is a happy piece of mosaic art and I am happy to have created it!

Today will be a mixed bag in the studio. Once the glass is down on the wall art, I have a few MDF pieces to prime, gold mirror tiles to cut into triangles, some photos to edit and listings to get ready for both shops. Whew.

Time for more coffee!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics