Peace Signs

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a beautiful day we're having. I spent a little time outside this morning, going for a walk and breathing the fresh air deeply. What a treat for those of us who live with humidity. It is a welcome relief!

I finished up the gifts and took photos of them this morning. The pendant photos are before grout was completely dry. It will become lighter once it is dry.

Minnie Mouse inspired star box
Pink Pendant with Matching Tin Box
Pink stained glass and ball chain tin box to hold the matching pendant
I almost always mix up too much grout when I do it and this morning was no exception. Thankfully I had a bowl that needed grouting.

Discarded eggplant colored bowl now has new purpose.

The next project is waiting for me. A candle holder with some really gorgeous stained glass, gifted to me by a very talented local artist who does stained glass windows and inserts in doors.

 This stained glass panel is about 22 inches. I cut it into 3 sections so I can focus on which one to use for the holder. Choosing only one section is not going to be easy! It's all simply breathtaking.

I have 3 square candle holders and one round vase I can use these pieces on. And I have 4 more large panels just as exquisite that are from the same large piece of glass. I'm very aware of how blessed I am to know I can contact this guy and be given his scraps. Especially when they look like this!

The new shop has a few more items in it. Gently Loved Treasures on Zibbet is dedicated to all vintage items. Here's the latest listing. I really love the colors of these!

 Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics