Peace Signs

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I only have a few rambling thoughts today. These are days when I know only I will appreciate what I've written, but I write for myself anyway, so it's all good!

I spent most of yesterday with the family so that means no time was spent in the studio on mosaics. By the time dinner was finished, I was fairly tired and not willing to pull out the mirror and start cutting it for the custom order. It's never a good idea to cut glass when you are tired!

I thought I'd attempt, yet again, photos with natural light just as the sun was setting. We had a lot of rain yesterday and there wasn't much natural light at all. I only got one, semi-decent photo of the vintage ceramic pitcher I showed yesterday. It's fuzzy and the handle on the pitcher disappears with the frame behind it, so I won't use this particular shot. I will, however, use all of the items as props again and move them around on a sunny day. :)

I promised myself on evenings when the sun is setting and we don't have large puddles everywhere, I will take a few props outside and set up a photo shoot. Many do this but I haven't tried it very often yet. I did get some great shots of the 3D elephant before she was finished getting glass glued on her, showing the sparkle and shine glass and mirror can have in the sun. This was taken in Sept 2012. Obviously I need to use the natural elements a little better than I had here. But she sure does shine!

I love my favorite tree, the lush surroundings of the apt complex where I live. I do believe there's a park not so far from me. It's time to uses nature and place my mosaics within it for some photographs.

My love for photography is a wonderful thing. I'm using a digital camera by Kodak but there will come a time when I outgrow it. It takes some truly remarkable photos, however.

I think I'll be experimenting with outside photos with my mosaics this summer quite a bit. I hope you come along on this new journey with me!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics