Peace Signs

Monday, June 10, 2013

I hope your day is going well. I have lots to share today!

The hand painted star box was gifted over the weekend. Yay!
Birthday gift for a brand new 3 year old (it was filled with barrettes) using Minnie Mouse inspired colors (her favorite).
My Grandson playing a game with his Mom. Can you guess who won?
The Chuck E. Cheese philosophy is awesome.
I'm waiting for the frame to arrive later today so I can start in on the 12 x 12 mosaic wall hanging but while I wait, I worked on painting dots on the last bottle I'll be able to do for a while. Here's the progress so far. In spite of its name, it will be covered completely in dots.

"Black Night"

The sun was out for most of the day yesterday and I managed to make friends with my Camera Goddess long enough to get 145 photos in total of many different things. I have some wood fruit for the vintage shop and pulled that out to use as a prop for the bowl I grouted recently.

I like it! If you're interested in either or both, this bowl will be headed towards the online shops some time this week and the fruit will go in the vintage shop. Here's another shot without the fruit. LOVE the eggplant color inside this bowl!

I also got some great shots of the napkin rings I dot painted. They've been put on Etsy this morning.

As I was leaving the birthday party for the 3 year old on Saturday, I noticed the sky above me. By the time I got home, the dark clouds had arrived and stayed all afternoon. I like to say: "Always look up". If I hadn't, I'd have missed this beautiful sky.

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics