Peace Signs

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

As predicted, I have a few photos to share of the progress on the salon piece I'm working on.

I decided to try a few different things with the words. I had thought I would use mirror and cover each letter but after looking at the font I used and the size of the words, I knew it would be frustrating to try that. If the size had been larger, I probably could have attempted it. At first I tried tempered glass but it broke up the words way too much and they weren't easy to read. Actually, they were impossible to make out.

Thank goodness I have a nice supply of stained glass at my fingertips. After digging through my stash of clear glass, I found some nice, thick scraps that worked really well.

As you can see, I used ball chain for the flowers, bird and sun. Very time-consuming to glue down, but worth it for the look I wanted. When it comes to grout, this chain will be cleaned many, many times before I'm happy with how it looks, but again, it's worth it.

After all the ball chain was glued down, I added some glass to the first flower. I will work from the bottom and go up. That means the area where "Grow" is will be filled in today.

I'll share more progress tomorrow.

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics