Peace Signs

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Fun mosaic crafty week but up and down on the personal front. We had some internet hiccups yesterday and although I had a million-trillion things I could do for the 6-7 hours without a way to connect with the world (or the family because the phone went out too) I spent it having a big ole' meltdown.

I have a wish list. I even used a "Wish Upon's" Star Box to keep it in.

I found this wish list yesterday and instead of trying to find how much I accomplished in the years since I wrote this list, I focused on what I hadn't yet done. I had, what one might call, a Pity Party.

It isn't like me to do that; I work hard to stay in the moments, to appreciate where I am, to stay grateful and always feel blessed. I thank the Universe each morning for another day and thank it again in the evening for it all.

But yesterday was a day for the PLOMS. That stands for Poor Little Ole Me Syndrome that a long ago co-worker used to describe her sister who was the saddest person I had ever met. Nothing went her way and she moaned and groaned about it constantly. I didn't like hearing this kind of voice in my head and what's worse, I went with it instead of finding reasons to rejoice in the day.

Today I'm much happier and I updated my wish list because I realized the things I hadn't yet done, minus perhaps 2 of the things on the list, didn't serve my life now. It occurred to me, as I thanked the Universe for another day this morning, that It is so much wiser than I am. Everything comes to us in the way it's supposed to. Everything happens in exactly the moment that it should. The reasons behind not having all of the goals met on the wish list are simple ones. They don't serve a purpose now. The 2 things that are still important on the wish list got added to the new one and that revised list went back into my star box. Wish Upon's were made for those who have a special wish. Wish, Believe, Trust, Receive.

When I pull the list out next time, I will try to do my best to remind myself that not all wishes come true for a reason. To be grateful for everything, the good and the bad, because it shapes the person I become.

Over at Etsy, I joined in on a fun Weekend Treasury Game for the Strategic Promotion for Success Team. If you have the chance head on over to see the one I made yesterday. 
Orange You Glad It's Friday?

I have 4 mosaics waiting at the crafts table for grout today and quite a few boxes of mostly cookie jars to look through, photograph and list on both Zibbet and Etsy in the weeks to come.

Life is good once you let the sunshine into your heart and be thankful for what you have. I have a lot to be grateful for. Including the gift of creating crafty art. Shine on!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics