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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Normally I leave the weekends for family and crafty stuff exclusively, but today I wanted to let you all know that thanks to your donations and kindnesses through, I've gotten a new computer tower. This will keep my business flowing, even with fussy internet connections as we have at the moment (not my computer's fault after all ... whew ...).

The bad news is because of the internet wonkiness there might be times when I'm not saying hi for a day or two or four until the net stuff gets figured out by someone other than me. But the good news is, while I'm away, I'll be taking photos, creating art and building fun things so you can see what I'm doing when everything is figured out and I'm back online.

brandy new operating system - yay!!
This new tower came with a new keyboard and mouse (bonus!) and I've already decided the old mouse would look great as a mosaic and the old tower would be awesome as a mosaic stand for perhaps a gazing ball I've yet to create.

Those that have followed my blog posts for a while know I will not waste much of the old things just because they no longer function in the same capacity as they once did. If it's got a cool shape to it, it can become whatever I'd like it to become as a piece of art. There's a lot of potential in these "no longer useful as they are" items.

I've actually popped off keys from old keyboards in the past but they are very difficult to work with. However, I will still pop the ones off that I can from this one. And the board itself may become something else too ... time will tell ...

It's been a roller coaster for me with my computer and I've taken you all along with me. Feeling the need to share is part of who I am. I'm glad you all stuck with me. I appreciate you all. And send much love to you for your help.

The fund raiser is still open because I hadn't met the original goal and some think it would be a good idea to keep it "just in case" something else takes a nose dive relating to the new computer, such as monitor or speakers. I am not comfortable with this and actually never was comfortable with any of this from the start. But ... because I've been so up and down with everything (should I or shouldn't I?) I've decided to just do nothing about it at the moment. That is always the best thing for me to do when I am undecided about anything.

What I am thinking is to use any donations received at this point towards another gofundme user on the site. Pay it forward. Always a good thing.

Thank you all, once again, from the bottom of my heart for being here with me and helping when you could, however you could. Those that contributed have all gotten a thank you from me this morning through the site and now I'm ready to make a few "thank you" gifts. Woo-hoo!

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics