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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Featured Shop for October 24, 2013 - justByou


HandMade jewelry, gifts & more. HomeMade sweet treats.

Handstamped Inspirational Necklace

I love this shop. I love the jewelry, the sweet treats and the items HANDMADE by the Kids. The owner, Kim is one of my all-time favorite people that I've met through Etsy. Her values, the fact that she's self-taught, her quality and the amount of time and care she spends with her blog and team activities through it for Etsy amazes me.

She's given me advice on how to go about getting sponsorship for my blog and with that help I'll be branching out in that direction next year. She often takes the time to come and comment on my blog. She's awesome and so is her shop! It is my honor to make justByou a Featured Shop today.

Kim is big on teamwork. I love that! As she says, she's got the whole family involved in her shop. When you buy something from justByou, it's coming from her family to you and yours.

Let's start with the yummy sweet treats. Yes, I have to admit I go back often to see if there's been more goodies added. Can you blame me? Just LOOK!!!

Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Coconut Cluster Haystacks

Drool worthy, is it not? Do you like white chocolate? Me too.

White Chocolate Coconut Cluster Haystacks

Besides delicious sweet stuff, her children have items in her shop.

Heart Kraft Envelopes

Spend some time visiting justByou and see how one family can come together and create a shop filled with love. In her words: when you purchase an item made by one of the children, you help them save for their future. Show your support for education! All sales from their section "HANDMADE by the KIDS" will be going to the family's scholarship fund, which goes 100% to the educational costs for their four kids (saving for their future education goals can never start too early, and with this section, they're working for their earnings)!

Dog Tag Necklace

I think more of us should follow in Kim's footsteps to help children save for the future by working for it. Don't be surprised if you see some things in my shop made by the grandchildren at some point. It's a wonderful way to get them involved in creative endeavors and life lessons.

THANKS Tags in Rainbow Colors

I've shared some of my favorite items from this shop and given you a little glimpse into it. Isn't it cool?

Mood Bead Cuff Bracelet

I have to leave you with one more drool-worthy shot of something yummy.

Praline Cashews

Oh ... my ... goodness!!

You can find justByou on Facebook, through the very active blog I mentioned above and on Twitter too.

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics