Peace Signs

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In The Studio

This week, in the studio, it's a little slow. Weather has been humid and rainy which slows the drying process of paint, glue and grout. I've been waiting for the glue to dry completely on the coasters that I had planned to grout this past weekend. I'm fairly sure they are dry now, which means I can grout this coming weekend. Hooray!

I was working on the 2 Flower Power mosaics just before the fatal computer crash. I stopped all crafty work to concentrate on the new computer. Here's what they look like this morning.

One side of the mug is finished, the other side still needs work. I had glass on the unfinished side and didn't like it at all, so it's history now. That's when I put it aside giving myself time to love it again.

While I was waiting for the love to return for the above, I started on the owl.

That's as far as I've gotten on them. Hopefully I'll feel the pull towards them again soon.

I did a little prep work on a custom order which I can't share here just yet because it's just a white painted board. The sides will get some thinset on them and then I start in on the actual work. That's when I'll share. :)

I did a goofy drawing on the board I primed and painted the other day. I really don't draw too well but I give myself a break in knowing most of it will be covered in stained glass.

Mirror, tempered glass, glitter, and stained glass will get added here. The colors will be a surprise to me because I know what I want to see, I am just not sure it is what will be when I start working on it.

I'd like to do another board to accompany this one in the same colored background but with a moon and a star hanging from it. That's the plan, anyway.

And I found a great use for the gifted ceramic disks I received recently. I'm making them into magnets! I have to find the ones I did a few weeks ago and add magnets to them ... no clue where they are at the moment. In any case, these are great to give away as thank you gifts to customers.

And those tiny little magnets are super strong! I have to fight with them to get just one. They are going to be used on some of the small crosses I have put aside to mosaic.

I have a lot of mosaic work planned both in pique assiette and stained glass. Now that the computer troubles are behind me, I've found a lack of energy which I know is directly associated with the stress of the last few months' and in particular the computer chaos. I also know I will find my muse energized and ready to go very soon.

I like to work a little bit every day on something crafty. Honestly, some days I spend less than 5 minutes on something and don't get back to anything else for the rest of the day. Other times I wake up, pick up a project and get to work before coffee.

Here's hoping that next week (internet connection willing) I'll be sharing finished photos of the coasters and projects above.

Enjoy your day!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics