Peace Signs

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In The Studio

I'm having some fun right now In the Studio. There's a good possibility that I'll be very busy, very soon but before that happens, I'm grouting and taking photos of mosaics!

What I've got grouted so far are items I can list on Etsy. That makes me happy.


Scrap Glass Cross

I've got a square candle holder and a few small cross magnets coming soon.

I recently was given quite a few boxes of McCoy Cookie Jars and some China pieces. They range from extremely old and possibly collectible to about 20 years old that don't seem to be collectible at all. I am spending time doing the research to see if I can figure out which ones can be covered up with mosaic goodness and/or smashed and which should be saved and sold on Zibbet and Etsy.
I was asked to make 50(!) 3 x 2 inch mosaic cross ornaments for a baptism in November. Details are getting finalized now. I may be skipping a post or two as the time gets closer to ship them on their way. I'm starting to nip up a lot of blue glass. I'll keep you all posted on that and share photos as I go. Remember to check out my flickr photostream to watch the progress with me.

I was more active with the Ultimate Blog Challenge at the beginning of the month than I am now. I am writing blog posts every day but they prefer posts that aren't mostly promotional. If I'm not promoting my shop(s), I'm promoting someone else, so I thought it best to stop posting links in the group on FB. I met a few great people there and got to know their blogs too. Some I have signed up to read daily through email --- my favorite way to read blog posts. This Challenge helped get me on track with my new format and I'm very happy I participated.

I found out on Tuesday that one of my items in a Treasury made over the weekend was on the coveted Front Page on Etsy! Congrats to the Curator: MyMintMouseThis is like winning the lottery and an Oscar all wrapped up into one! If you don't use or know about Etsy very well, the first page you see when you go to the site shares a treasury chosen by those that have the decisions as to what goes there. In the last week, this one item was added as a 'favorite' 117 times. That's so amazing.

I'm particularly pleased with the item that was used in this treasury. You might all know by now this is a close up photo of one of my mosaics called Back to Basics #1. It's still one of the most popular designs in my shop both in pillow covers and now the new tote bags. Yeah buddy! I just got a sale for 2 tote bags yesterday. Woo-hoo! Check out the treasury that briefly helped this cool tote bag become center stage. Graphic
Poplin Fabric Tote Bag

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics