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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Etsy News

Because I've joined a blogging challenge for October, I will be doing what I can (internet connection willing) to post every day, even on the weekends. To those who don't know, normally, I like to spend time with the fam and crafts on the weekends but sharing is important too. And I do love to share. The posts won't be long-winded. I know I can get chatty sometimes. Hee-hee.

I'm starting to list pillow covers for Christmas and wanted to share the first one listed this morning.

Christmas Star
Isn't this photo pretty? I've got cards coming soon with the same print. Watch for those.

Please be aware, each item from my photo prints goes to a lab for printing and processing. I have them sent back to me for inspection and ship them off to you. This takes time. I estimate 2-3 weeks but normally it takes about 2 weeks, I am learning. It still means you have to plan ahead a little when ordering. I've noticed some folks don't take the time to do this (I've been guilty of it myself on occasion) but reading over the policies on each description provided in a tab within the listing is a great way to find out important information. Take the time to read it, please, before ordering anything in my shop not just photo printed items to familiarize yourself with them. Thanks!

What a pleasant surprise to see Deb Babcock from BlueSkyPotteryCO, my featured shop from last week, pay it forward in adding my most popular pillow cover to date into a treasury she curated called "Morning OJ". How cool is that?!

Morning OJ
Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics