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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Auction is Here!

Tonight, at, the auction for Earth Mother Mosaics begins at 7 PM EST! Stop by, bid, have some fun. They pace it quickly and don't give a lot of time in between items, so if you see something you want to bid on, jump on it! I'm happy to see that 86 people have RSVP'd on the site so far. For my first time ever to do an auction with this site, I think that's pretty good! And as I always say, every sale is a wonderful thing, which means one sale generated from this auction would be a cause for celebration! Woo-hoo!

Here's the one mosaic that folks have looked at the most:
The bidding starts at $40. I'll be hanging out an hour before the auction starts to answer any questions. Hope to see you there!

I had a long day yesterday, spending 8.5 hours on promotion so today I am focusing on my mosaics and giving myself a bit of a break from the computer stuff.

After dinner and all the marketing/networking/promoting was through for the day, I worked on the 2 crosses. Each is almost entirely ready for grout; there's just a few sides that need tiles. That is the slowest part of these, waiting for glue to dry on the sides so I can turn them.

#4 and #5

#4 - still adding glass tiles to the sides

#5 - almost ready for grout

I've been thinking about working on a glass-on-glass discarded microwave plate for a while. My cousin, bless her heart, gave me a square microwave plate not so long ago. She knows I use them for my art and I love that others think of me as a mini-recycling center! I've never put stained glass on a square one before and I'm way excited to get started. I've been studying my photos and some from my favorite inspirational sites and came up with a collage. I'm sharing it here now because I'm not positive you'll know what it is once I'm finished! I may go more abstract with it which is always a possibility when I create.

This is just a small section, but gives the idea. I printed out a few pages and cut and taped them together. Then taped it to the backside of the plate. This way, I can use it as a template through the glass. I do this technique with most every plate I do if I have a pattern in mind. The marker outlines are a guide to help keep me on track. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't!

It may get put aside a few times or go a completely different way, but it is next in the pile to work on, giving myself a break from crosses and other MDF shapes. I think it might be too ambitious for me but we'll see how it goes. I'm sure I'll share photos of progress and changes as I have them. I expect I might. Wish me luck!

Stay peaceful,

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics