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Thursday, July 18, 2013

CIJ Fun Days

This week has been a blur of activity online. Promoting and meeting new shops on Etsy and finding new items to love during the CIJ sale. It's been fun to do but very tiring. I'm okay with that though because I manage to introduce my shop and my mosaics to new folks along the way. For me, that is the best part of doing events like this. Not making sales, always a nice surprise and the ultimate goal of course, but connecting with new people. Discovering new shops and having others discover mine is one of the highlights of any online event. That means on any given day, according to Etsy's Stat page, I could have close to 500 people view my shop. Over the past 7 days over 1,000 items have been made a favorite. This astounds me. That means for every item that gets a heart, everyone in that heart's circle of friends on Etsy sees it too. Sheesh.

I made two treasuries today and wanted to share them here. One is for the Creative Trends Team and other is for the CIJ Team. I love making treasuries!

Everybody who has followed me on FB and on my blogs for more than a few days know that if I don't do something artful every day, I get grumpy. Well, I'm there ... I'm a big ole' harumphy Nana. It's been too long away from my Zen time with my muse and although she is okay with resting a little longer, I am not all that happy about it.

Yesterday I thought I'd spend some time no matter how late and work on the glass-on-glass project I started last week. I broke my glasses before I could start. That didn't just happen, I thought. I didn't just break what I need to help me see my mosaics, did I?! Oh yes, I did. My daughter glued them back together and although they are in one piece, they are a bit wonky and headaches have been a real added bonus.

With temperatures at 102 degrees today, it is not likely that I will be walking anywhere to get another pair. I use the dollar store near me for all my eye wear needs. I use these glasses for close up work, reading and computing. Pretty much what I do all day long in between kidlet wrangling.

Over the weekend I'm going to borrow the family car and head on over to the dollar store to get what I need. Meanwhile, the muse is resting and seems content. Sigh.

Did I share these? I glanced at previous posts and didn't see them. I put these dot painted items on the green bookcase to stay the other day and noticed how the dots came popping out at me. What a difference a background color can make! Wow! Way cool, right?!

Butterfly Wall Art
 Elephant Wall Art

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics