Peace Signs

Friday, July 12, 2013

Shout Outs!

Today I'm giving some shout outs to the folks that help me along the way.

Yesterday, on the very first day of the Christmas in July Sales Event, I sold something! Thanks in no small part to the kindness of Deborah at RevampReuse who is a member of the Creative Trends Team on Etsy. She shared my newest mosaic, BELIEVE! (listed on July 10th) with a specific friend in mind. She knew she'd love it. She did and snatched it up immediately. Her friend collects things that say "believe" and was thrilled to find it.

The coolest part about this sale, besides the fact that it was purchased of course, is that I have had it sitting next to me for about a year, waiting to add the ribbon and hooks to it. I made the decision on the 10th to finish it up and list it, because even though it has been with me since 2009, I had hoped somebody would love it as much as I loved making it. This is just one more example as to how the Universe works. I've had it around for 4 years and within 24 hours of listing it, it sells. Amazing.

This mosaic was made during my "how do I do this?" stage in my mosaic life and I have stained glass, dish shards, glass gems that I painted flowers on the underside of, a broken earring and polymer clay on this. It was a learning mosaic and I have always thought it was pretty enough to share. I'm so happy someone sees it's beauty. Thank you, Deborah, for thinking of your friend and thank you, Katie, for getting my sales event off to a great start! I'm feeling very blessed!

To share in the love, today I'm showing you one of my favorite items from Deborah's shop. I LOVE THIS!!
Next, I'd like to give a shout out to Jennifer, the fine person at JetJewels who sent out in record time some boxes I purchased for my mosaic pendants. She even provides the cotton inside.

I've had a few ideas over the last few months in ways to use up all the space in the shipping box to help protect the small mosaics and to make the experience of the shipping fees a little less painful. The tins I started mosaicking on was one idea. I love the tins but don't know yet if I'll use them along with the pendants or sell them on their own. The jury is still out on that and while it is, I continued to have the problem as to how to ship the jewelry.

These boxes will work perfectly for my needs. I'm so happy to have found them! My business cards will look great attached to the top. And it all would look awesome wrapped up with raffia or string. Problem solved. Yay!

And finally I want to give a shout out to Mother Nature and the Universe for providing me with such inspiration in every day items. While making tea this morning I studied the lemon before I cut it and noticed how perfect it was.

Look at the shape inside the lemon. How perfectly beautiful. I'm grateful to be aware of how nature and the universe work together to help keep me inspired. It's a wonderful thing.

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics