Peace Signs

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Day for the CIJ Etsy Sale Event

Just a reminder to those who have been following along, the Christmas in July Sale is finishing up today. It's been an awesome event for me; I sold 3 items and hadn't expected any sales. With the amount of views I have been having, I've been happy with that, knowing that at least a few folks took the time to check out my shop and my art.

I want to thank the Creative Trends Team for allowing me to be part of their event on Etsy. Although I'm an honorary member, I've felt like a long-time friend to more than a few of the nice people on the team. Thanks so much for making me feel welcome. It was not uncommon to find 10 treasuries a day with my items in them. I can only marvel at the dedication it takes to do that daily.

I'd also like to thank the CIJ Team for their help in creating another avenue to share my social media links, get a few treasuries made and to have been featured in too. It was fun to learn about new shops and find new favorite items to share.

Just a reminder, since the sale is not over just yet, if you plug in the coupon code CIJ10 at checkout when you buy anything from my shop, you will receive 10% off your purchase. PLUS we're giving a free bonus coupon code for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday event. Wouldn't it be great to get a discount when the shopping frenzy begins?!

I got the last two crosses grouted and will be listing them both soon. My favorites so far are #1 (green stained glass with the yellow brooch) and #5 (shown below with the vintage atomic dish shards). I've got 20 more to go in the 25 Crosses project. As it looks now, some will be duplicated with glass and dishes but they won't all look the same, that's for sure. I found some more broken jewelry I want to use on a few. That's always fun to add recycled elements to my mosaics.

Blue and white - #4

Vintage atomic dish tiles - #5
Starting on Monday, July 22nd, I'm taking 3 days away from blogging and a lot of online social activities to get my listings all taken care of and back to normal. Both Etsy and Zibbet need some attention and it's time to get them done.

I need a bit of a break too because although I thought I could handle promoting this awesome sales event, working on mosaics plus taking care of the fam with a summer cold which is still hanging on, I forgot that I am not Super Nana!! Rest is necessary once in a while to us mere mortals.

I'll be back on Thursday!

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics