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Thursday, July 11, 2013

CIJ Etsy Sale Has Started!

Starting today, July 11 through July 21, Etsy is having a Christmas in July Sale Event. Purchase items from any of the participating shops and get all kinds of savings for your holiday gift giving! I'm doing this event with the Creative Trends team and will be sharing their items, making treasuries and doing some nice promotion for them during this time. Stay with me because they are all fine artisans!

Here are my picks for today.

Amber and bronze necklace
Confetti Tree Painting
Camisole Vintage Lace

Pierced Earrings

Tree Trio Rubber Stamp

I'm working on combining jewelry pieces together and selling them now. I have 5 set up so far, so I thought I'd share one here as my contribution to the above.

Mosaic Jewelry Set
The auction last night at was a lot of fun! It lasted about 35 minutes and I had over 1,000 people stop by to take a look. I sold 6 items and although I definitely made no profit, it was a great way to share my things with potential customers. I have to say I got sidetracked a bit when someone popped in and asked how she could bid on the purses! Made me laugh. Some people obviously entered the auction by mistake and this poor woman was quite confused. A nice bidder and myself tried to guide her back to where she needed to go. Some folks weren't happy with the cost of shipping. I have to say I had mixed emotions about this. I sold some items for $1 and because I have to use what I get with each sale to ship the items I couldn't reduce the fees. Should I do this again, and I think I might, I will increase the bidding prices of the mosaics so that I can cut the cost of shipping. I did offer to combine shipping with jewelry but no one thought that was a good deal. And the second thing I'll do is make sure I let them know if I've overcharged and it's more than $1, I will reimburse them. I didn't even think about doing that until the auction was over. 3 haven't yet paid for their items and may change their minds, which is fine with me. I wanted to try this and I did it! Woo! Here's what was purchased (paid for) so far.

I'm happy to know these will be going to a new home. No profit was made but the joy of creating is priceless. That's what I bring to this mix!

And speaking of creating, I worked a bit on the glass-on-glass project yesterday. I'm actually surprised I'm doing so well with it. I didn't think I'd be able to do what I'm doing but I felt I needed to push and grow a little.

I'm not sure where it's going or how long it'll take me, but I'm off to a good start.

Stay peaceful,

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics