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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

50/50 Mosaic Wall Art Sale Continues

Before I share some pretty mosaic wall art on sale in my shop, I'd like you to check out Buddha's Garden. Progress is going really well thanks in part to a jeweler's headset I got yesterday in the mail. It one of those with a light and magnifier so that small, detail work can be seen easier. I really picked up speed once the hindrance of lack of good light was no longer an issue. Lamps are something I always need more of and once natural light leaves my work space, I usually struggle with lamplight in the evening which is when I do my best work. Now I no longer have to be limited. It felt so good to keep going long after the sun had set for the day! I'm so pleased with how it looks so far.

Buddha's Garden - Work-In-Progress
The 50/50 Wall Art Sale is still happening on Etsy. Here are a few more pieces that will be leaving the shop soon towards another venue where prices will be increased unless someone decides to take advantage of this terrific sale. It runs from July 29-July 31 (ends midnight EST). Discounted prices are already applied, no coupon code necessary.

Amongst The Clouds

Star Shine

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics