Peace Signs

Friday, February 27, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

After working on 2 peace signs, I took a day off to work on a few ideas for the next 2. It took about hour to make a small pendant for the resident 9 year old in our home for her birthday this week.

Small pieces of millefiori (2-3mm) were used to fill up most of this pendant. Wow was it difficult! I used a magnifying glass and tweezers to get them placed inside. Whew!

She wore it today to school. It got a big thumbs up!

Now I'm working on the next 2 peace signs. The first one shown below, 10 inches, has broken pottery, glass gems, stained glass and millefiori.

And this one is 8 inches, done in blue & green streaky, sunflower yellow and amber streaky stained glass. The focal in the center is a ceramic piece of a figure in the lotus position.

I am hoping to stagger the grouting so I'm not overwhelmed at the end of doing all 10 peace signs. Hopefully I'll grout these this weekend, along with the other things I've done in between.

I'll share photos of everything in the next "In The Studio".

Enjoy your weekend!

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Stay peaceful,