Peace Signs

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

I've finished up "Expect Miracles" and placed it in the ever growing "to be grouted" pile. I love it!

While waiting for supplies to arrive for the custom order, I worked on a cross and a switchplate cover. These too get added to the pile for grouting.

Now the peace signs and all the supplies for them have arrived! All the signs have been primed and are ready for mosaic magic! Yay!!

In this photo: 8 inch peace signs are primed, 10 inch wrapped up at the bottom waiting their turn.
1st peace sign (10 inch) - work-in-progress (ready for grout)
2nd peace sign (8 inch) - work-in-progress (love the stones I'm adding on this one!)
Now as the weeks progress, all you'll see mostly, is peace signs. But we all love them, right?!

The first EMM Monthly Newsletter went out on Monday and I'd love to have some feedback on it from those who have signed up for it. And for those interested, you can find the signup form here on the right.

It's time to also share the horrible "ouchie" I received from a worn out piece of equipment. When I started making the 1st peace sign, I grabbed an old nipping tool specifically for ceramic tile that looks like this:

Mine (now tossed away in the dumpster) wouldn't hold the spring --- something I wasn't aware was a big deal when I first started making mosaics in 2005-2006 when these were purchased. I tried to keep the spring in place but it just wouldn't stay. This has nothing to do with the fine manufacturers of this tool. I got a defective pair, which happens, and should have returned them had I known at the time. In any case, I tried to cut a piece of china with these a few days ago and the spring popped out at the exact time I beared down to nip the piece of china. The china popped away as well so what was left, in a mere instant, was my skin.

As you can see, I had a good blood blister. Ouch. It is much better after caring for it for 24 hours. I was able to work again with very little adjustment in using my hand (I'm left handed) and all is right in my world once more. Almost.

muuuuuch better
Here's the lesson I learned that I've had to reteach myself, sadly. Listen to your gut when it comes to everything! I heard the voice tell me not to use the tool when I picked it up and I ignored it. After all, I only needed it for one piece of china, what could possibly happen?! I'm used to getting hurt a lot worse, actually, from glass and mirror, but never the hand tools. I will try to use patience with myself when it comes to really hearing my inner voice. I know it takes time to really listen to it. It's never wrong, is it?

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Stay peaceful,