Peace Signs

Friday, February 13, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

It's almost Valentine's Day and Little Dude and I are going to be busy for the next day or so making Mom a special ornament.

He specifically asked me if he could mosaic something (you've NO idea how happy that makes me!!) and so I found one of the folk art heart shapes I cut out a while back. Before he begins on this, I have to add a hole at the top so we can add a ribbon. I've covered up the sides with white cement to give it a more polished look. I will definitely share photos next week of his handiwork!

Meanwhile, I've been priming a lot of shapes to have ready for the muse when she decides to wake up. She's sleeping at the moment and I'm okay with that.

I've just gotten the final details on a custom order that will keep me busy for about 2 months! That's why I'm okay with allowing the muse time to rest. I need her wide awake very soon.

My favorite customer has requested 10 peace signs (5 are 10 inches, 5 are 8 inches) for a wall she wants to dedicate to them in her home. I am beyond excited that she decided to ask me to make them all, slightly different, but all mosaics. She has purchased 2 peace signs (8 and 10 inches) ready made from my shop plus requested a custom one that I made for her last year. You may remember seeing some of these if you've followed my blog for a while, but those of you who are fairly new, shown below is the custom order done in August 2014.

And these are the two that were in my Storenvy shop she recently purchased.

 This is going to be fun!

Of course I'll share with everyone the work-in-progress as I go along.

If anything in the pile above of primed shapes looks like something you may be interested in once completed, let me know. Once I've gotten them filled with mosaic goodness, they'll all be available for purchase either directly through me or from my shop on Storenvy.

And here's a gentle reminder about the Monthly Newsletter: sign up using the form here on my blog or through my Facebook Page. I'll be gathering up email addresses next week and sending out the first Newsletter during the last week in February!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my wonderful followers!!

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Stay peaceful,