Peace Signs

Friday, February 20, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

The work is going so well on "Expect Miracles". All blue and black, the tiny pieces I like to use are fitting in really well here.

The supplies are starting to arrive for the custom order. I'm guessing by this time next week, I'll be knee deep in peace signs and their assorted tesserae. Yay!

Some of the yummy tiles I'll be using. Aren't those Moroccan Paisley tiles (broken china) fantastic?!

These items were found on Etsy although I usually like to just window shop to get ideas, I found these to be a fairly good deal. The dish tiles were slightly expensive but they are filled with color and gorgeous. Almost worth it.

Still to arrive, some more glass tiles, Millefiori, the peace signs and hardware for the backs. Exciting!!

I have to say, becoming part of the Clairporium team has been a wonderful experience so far. I'm meeting new people in the groups on Facebook but thanks to the hard work of the biggest fan/customer I've got and its founder, I've had 2 sales within the last month. That is amazing! I'm so blessed and very grateful.

Here's what has sold thanks to her working hard with promotions. I'm honored to be an artisan on her site.

New people seeing my mosaics is a really nice thing. Having new people purchase them is awesome. Woo-hoo!!

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Stay peaceful,