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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

The snow has arrived here in PA. Today the kids are home from school, extending their mini-holiday by one more day. Teachers have been busy with end of semester reports which gives the children they teach time off! Add in a holiday, Presidents' Day, and you've got a nice little break. They've had 6 days off now, one additional day due to the storm. Woo-hoo!!

As promised, here are photos of the Little Dude (7 years old) making his gift for his Mom. A mosaic Valentine heart.

As usual, one of our kitties must supervise and approve our work at all times.

Happy Dude!
Grouted with a special card printed out just for Mom.
When he gave it to her, she said: "I LOVE it!" and he said: "I know!".

I painted an empty wine bottle covered in plaster cast strips while waiting for mosaic inspiration to arrive. It's bright and brilliant!

I think it's so cool! Makes me smile just to look at it.

Work has begun on a new plaque. This one: "Expect Miracles" is a favorite saying of mine and it looks like I'll finally get that blue I thought would be used for my Namaste' plaque.

And get ready, because the new EMM Monthly Newsletter will be headed out next week! I had planned on getting it out last week but a few more people signed up around that time so I thought it might be a good idea to wait a week or so. I have to say it's fairly light in content right now, mostly introducing where to find me and what's new on Storenvy. As the months continue, I'm hoping to fill it with additional information that is only touched on through social media and this blog. Sharing links where my items can be purchased is the main event for each one. Those who have signed up, let me know what you think of it's layout and what's included. Stay with me as I take a new adventure.

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Stay peaceful,