Peace Signs

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Things have quieted down quite a bit In The Studio this week.

I zipped through the rest of the 15" sphere. It's gorgeous and has been placed in the "to be grouted" pile.

I started right in on a sign after this.

I was more than surprised at the fact that I used mauve and yellow on this piece. They aren't "my" colors and I kept thinking I'd use purple and blue.

But I was drawn to the top right color the most. That is what the muse wanted and I'm smart enough to get out of her way and allow her to lead most times. She wasn't wrong. Using it and yellow made this piece very soothing to look at.

Now I've been studying the projects around me, trying to land on something to do next. Mostly I'm resting up for the next wave. In a few weeks I'll be working on a large custom order. I'm really excited about that!! I'll share more once I get going on it.

Meanwhile, I could be working on some small mosaics, maybe the ornaments I cut out a while back for just this purpose. Maybe not ... whatever I decide between now and Friday, I'll definitely share here with you all.

I'm starting to think about my newsletter and what I want it to be. This blog is a great way to share all things I do and I'm grateful to have some people follow along with me here. I'm hoping the newsletter will entice those who aren't reading this blog to do so. My main purpose for starting a newsletter is to share new items I've added to the shops online with links. Once I become more established with it, I hope to make my monthly newsletter something folks look forward to receiving in their email boxes. It should be available during the last week in February.

Have a great week and join me on Friday to see what I've been doing In The Studio - Part Two.

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Stay peaceful,