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Friday, May 30, 2014

In The Studio

I've been behaving myself and staying clear of the big, heavy window that's been yelling at me to finish putting glass on it until my neck, shoulders and back feel a whole lot better.

In the meantime, I've got a new custom order to work on and I'm kinda excited that this customer is so excited about it. It really feels so good to be appreciated and in unexpected ways at that!

Last week I made a treasury, part of my almost daily routine in making one treasury for each team I participate in on Etsy. I belong to 60 teams, yep, count 'em ... 60 ... and I'm some where in the middle of the alphabet in getting the treasuries made. But last week, I made one for a team and that lead to a new customer and my first sale on Etsy in close to 6 months!

Now I know people believe that sharing your items through favorites and in treasuries is the way to make sales, that's not so with me. More often than not, someone finds me doing a search on Google (thank goodness for all those SEO tips!) and actually joins Etsy so they can purchase an item from my shop or ask me about doing a custom order for them. Rarely does it happen the way it happened this time. And I'm thrilled!

My new and actually best customer to date, is also an Etsy shop owner. This shop is Clairporium Where Heart, Soul and Spirit Connect. I LOVE her shop and she apparently LOVES mine. I was thrilled when she contacted me on Facebook and let me know she wanted to purchase some switch plate covers she saw on my page as well as a few other items. I hadn't put the switch plate covers on Etsy but I let her know I'd make a reserved listing for her and within minutes of getting it listed, they were paid for. What an amazing feeling to have made a sale after so many stagnant months! I was seriously in shock for a few days.

This was what she purchased and her reviews on all the items are so awesome. I'm tickled beyond words! Take a few minutes to go read the reviews if you'd like. It's so nice to be appreciated and get a review after not having one in such a long time. They really are nice to get. Even a bad one would at least be better than nothing. If you shop on Etsy, take the few minutes it takes to leave a review. And if you really love what you've purchased and have a blog or other favorite social media spot, share what you purchased and let others know why you love what you received. Trust me, it means the world to those who make handmade items.

She let me know she was interested in having custom made switch plate covers made and I set to work getting an invoice set up for her right away. One of the best things an artist can hear besides kudos about their work is being given carte blanche when doing a custom order. I'm making 4 switch plate covers for her. Here's 2 that I've now gotten primed and ready for mosaic goodness! The other two are on their way to me. By the time I have these finished or close to it, the other 2 will arrive. YAY!

plate covers are sanded and primed with a glue/water mixture

I'm not going overboard with listings on Etsy any longer; learned my lesson the hard way about all of that. But I will keep what I can listed for a while and those that I feel I can let go, I will keep on the other shops that allow free listings.

I did list the mosaic pitcher on Etsy yesterday and added it to the other 3 shops as well. I really do love how this turned out and wanted it to be shared where ever I could share it.

Mosaic Pitcher
I have some plans for a few other cookie jars, one exactly like the one above, and I'm kind of excited to see them from start to finish. Also, the lids that go with these, are going on separate mosaics some time in the future. It's funny how my creative juices flow more when Spring arrives! The rebirth of the muse each and every Spring. That's awesome!

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Stay peaceful,