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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In The Studio

What an exciting week for my muse and I! When she wakes up like this, all I see around me are colors and shapes and how to make them all into art. When I come out of this trance like state, I need lots of naps!

My daughter handed me a Styrofoam skull not so long ago that she acquired at a discount store a few years ago and asked me to put a mosaic on it. It was painted black and had silver glitter on it but both were chipping off. I should have taken a "before" photo of it. I've been walking past it for quite a while and this week I picked it up and added glass to it in one day.

If you can see underneath where the jaw is, that section is concave and I filled that in with glass as well. This is getting grouted with black. It measures 4-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches and is covered in iridescent black stained glass.

I finished getting the broken china on the custom order. That will get grouted now, possibly today, and sent out by Friday this week.

I put resin fairly successfully on 2 pendants. I'm not a fan of resin but for some mosaics, especially jewelry, if grout isn't used, resin should be. I decided not to grout these because of the thickness of the small tiles I used - some are nano size and some are micro. I believe grout would make them disappear even after cleaning.

This pendant will get the grout treatment because the tiles are all basically the same thicknesses.

I started the GOG Group's (through Facebook) Nugget Challenge! piece and again, finished it in one day. It is 9-1/2 x 13 inches and done on a piece of glass pane.

The glue is still drying and I will grout only the mosaic, leaving some glass clear. Not real sure how to finish this, I'm hoping the glass will stay strong without a support for a while. I think it should be framed and possibly add hooks and chain to it too.

As I often mention, my whole family and many friends keep their eyes open for curbside wonders for me. This was grabbed by my cousin, who knew when she saw it, that it still had potential even if it's former owner didn't see it.

This is 24 x 5-1/2 inches and the biggest birdhouse I've ever considered adding art to. FUN!!!

 My family also knows to save their bottle caps and plastic lids for me too. Yes, my one room studio/living space is a bit crowded but everything has a purpose. Even the things that were used for one thing still have a purpose for use as another.

Plastic water bottle caps are used here as "feet" to hold a mosaic trivet (not yet started).

Last night I still had a little bit of energy in me and started a new project. This is a beveled mirror and was used to hold a candle or two. When I'm finished with it, it will still be able to hold a candle or two but it'll be so much more cool with a stained glass design on it!


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