Peace Signs

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Featured Shop - SharpToothStudio


Embroidered Mini Banners + Wall Hangings

I love the concept of this shop. It's completely simple and beautifully done. Taking a talent, adding some of your own unique points of view and using it in a way that's good for everyone is something I must respect and honor.

Samantha Priddy has a gift. Embroidered inspirations on banners using favorite quotes is something I definitely enjoy. Seeing them in her style is more than enjoyable! It is a true delight to have her as a Featured Shop today.

There is so much to love also about the woman behind this shop as well. Please take the time to read her about section. She is just as inspiring as her banners.

In her words: "I believe you should be intentional with what you choose to surround yourself and your loved ones with. If you have the choice, buy handmade and bring those good vibes into your home." Hear, hear!

Donating a portion of the sales to worthy causes is another reason to love this shop and the person behind it. She rocks!!

Connect with her on Facebook and check out her website too. You will be glad you did!

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Stay peaceful,