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Friday, May 23, 2014

In The Studio

Friday's used to be "Picture Day" but I've been stumped with the daily photo challenges I was doing so I stopped for the rest of this month. Hopefully I'll pick it back up before the end of the year.

Not knowing what to replace this weekly post with was fairly easy. Another "In The Studio" post!

I have been working with paints for the past few days and really having an awful time with it. I love dot painting but sometimes it just doesn't connect from my head to my hand. And I'm not really very good with brush painting but I do try.

I was working on a sphere and had a few problems from the get go. I didn't like it, no matter how hard I tried to like it, when I put dots on it.

just wasn't diggin' the design
this was okay but wasn't really speaking to me
After painting the ball black once more I thought perhaps maybe the black was what was tripping me up. I painted it purple ... nope. White ... hmmm, maybe ... and I started another flower using a paint brush to outline the pedals (in orange) and did some dots in purple on the flower. Then I expanded and painted vines and some leaves in greens but it wasn't really what I saw in my head and frustrated, I covered it all in blue!

blue with green and a little white peeking here and there and a whole lotta gold glitter
Knowing there's no way to keep the glitter contained without covering it, I grabbed the tempered glass this morning (we had a power outage that lasted for most of the day) and my glue and with very few distractions (no internet, phone or Netflix) other than a rumbling of thunder and rain, I set to work on a mosaic sphere!

Not a bad ending to a frustrating start. I wasn't meant to do a dot painting on this which is why the muse left me hanging until I got it right! As I always say, however, even a bad day creating art is still a great day!

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Stay peaceful,