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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mosaic Flower Power Vase - Work-in-Progress

The vase is getting completed a bit slowly. I'm using DAP adhesive for this one and while I could literally mosaic for hours and hours without a break, it is best to give the room a chance to air out and keep the window open for ventilation while working with it. It is a sneaky one, doesn't have a really strong aroma until it's been used for a while. I used to wear a mask when I worked with it but have given away all the masks I had to others who needed them. I think it's time to replace them so I can work for longer periods of time with my favorite adhesives.

Be that as it may, the vase is coming along nicely. I have only a few more flowers to fill in.

I was undecided about filling in the background until this morning. I know what glass I want to use to fill in around the flowers and am pleased that I made the decision. Although I do love leaving the flowers as they are with grout (of course) for this vase, the glass I picked to go around it will be perfect and finish it beautifully.

There are many ways to do these flowers. Typically, I use glass and mirror but I'm looking at my dish shards with a different eye these days and I do believe I'll have to try making a flower power mosaic using broken dishes, stained glass and mirror. That should be fun!

I listed 2 new things this morning on Etsy. Another pendant and another painted bottle. The bottle's name is "Stormbringer". It was made when we were having a lot of storms in our area and it is a song title by Deep Purple, a group popular in the 1960's and responsible for much of my enjoyment when I am at the crafts table now.

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Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics