Peace Signs

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dot Painting and Mosaic Pendants

For the past few days I've been dealing with a stomach bug generously passed on by the children I live with. They are so sweet, aren't they?

Over the weekend, before I was sick, I got some great photos of all the things I made and grouted last week. That means they've been listed! Woo-hoo!

Mosaic Cross: Stained Glass, Mirror, Green, Amber, Gold Wall Art, Mosaic Wall Hanging, Stained Glass Cross, Home Decor, 9 x 6 inches

Mosaic Pendant, Broken Dish Art, Blue and White, Art Pendant, Wearable Art, Broken China Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Pendant, Broken Dish Art, Blue and White, Art Pendant, Wearable Art, Broken China Mosaic Pendant

Elephant Mosaic Wall Art, Broken Dish Mosaic,Decor, Nursery, Housewarming, Hippie Art, Bohemian Decor

Butterfly Mosaic Wall Art, Broken Dish Mosaic, Decor, Nursery, Housewarming, Cottage Chic

I'm still not sure I'm fond of the way the new Etsy layout looks however no one asked me for an opinion. As with all things having to do with online media, as they change, I adapt. I'm sure I will wonder how I ever managed looking through the shops with the old way before too long.

Now that I'm sort of back on track, I have some cool photos of what I did before and after laying flat for a day and a half. :)

I dot painted all the 4 x 2 inch MDF crosses I wanted to paint, which was 20 of them. I'm very pleased with them and plan to get small screw eye bails to attach to the top so they can be hung up or worn. Hopefully these will work when the other group of 20 small crosses have mosaics on them too.

Yesterday, in the early evening, I felt good enough to play with some pendants. They are a good distraction when I don't feel good; giving me something to do that's creative and not focus on how I am feeling. And they get made quickly so I have the instant gratification of seeing them completed before moving onto the next.

I'm not sure all will get grouted, but many will.

And that covers the last few days. Today I hope to start on a few different things. While resting I came up with a few ideas for some substrates I had sitting next to me. That's the good part about sleeping in the same room that I call a studio! Inspiration is never too far away. However I could just keep making pendants for another day. They really are so much fun to mosaic!

Whatever I decide, it's good to have the energy to do it all again! Yay! Enjoy your day.

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics